Ideas are issues.   

The vibrations and power of an object or being can affect its environment. Within the plant and crystal kingdoms, you’ve gotten encapsulated qualities of a few of the strongest and noble expressions of humanity and spirit. 

Let’s discuss three of probably the most potent crystals on the planet for sexual well being and therapeutic.  

First up is Crocoite: the libido booster and firestarter. Crocoite is probably the most primal, passionate, sexual stone on the planet. Why have you ever by no means heard of it, you ask? Um, as a result of everyone seems to be scared of intercourse?!??! It actually appears like this—a wealthy, vibrant orangey-red. 

That is the colour of the second chakra the chakra of intercourse and creativity. It’s discovered primarily in Tasmania, which has the cleanest air and rainwater on earth. And the most well liked crystals! 


Crocoite is the crystal for ardour. It is usually identified for:

  • Reviving your libido and kickstarting your ardour—each in mattress and in all elements of your life the place you will have been missing oomph. 
  • Bringing new life into outdated relationships and supporting transformation and a contemporary begin 
  • Bettering erectile points—take a look at all these erect rods!!! 
  • Animalistic and primal expression 
  • It’s additionally meant to extend sensitivity in sexual organs 
  • Boosting fertility 
  • Balancing all method of feminine and male reproductive points

Second up is Rhodochrosite, which is probably the most highly effective crystal for sexual therapeutic.  


  • Helps to heal deep-seated trauma
  • Clear problems with sexual abuse, trauma and assault, together with circumcision. 
  • Rebuilds a way of self-love and self-worth.
  • Aids you in seeing your half in relationships and the place you could be projecting your stuff onto your associate.

Garnet is greatest for harnessing sexual energy and channeling that into inventive power into the world. It additionally is understood to:

  • GarnetFacilitate Tantric knowledge  often called a Grasp Tantric stone 
  • Rev up the sexual urge for food
  • Provide help to faucet into your sexual power as a inventive drive 
  • Join you to your dharma
  • Increase fertility in women and men


How do you utilize your crystals? Attempt considered one of two methods:

Bodily. Maintain them near you by carrying them with you, or inserting them close to you, like in your bedside desk, the place you’re employed or spend loads of time. You cleanse the crystal by inserting it within the solar, moonlight, or salt water and you then infuse it with an intention.

The second means is to ingest the vibrational essence of the crystal orally, taken as an elixir. That is regarded as an much more highly effective option to assimilate the power of the crystal inside you. For those who’ve seen Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiments, then you realize that water is well charged with vibrational frequencies.

I created a set of crystal elixirs for each doable sexual problem: From libido to erections to father determine points to clearing the Madonna-whore complicated, to unlocking cervical orgasms in ladies. Take a look at our whole vary of Anami Crystal Elixirs  on the Anami Alchemia on-line store.

Kim Anami HeadshotKim Anami is a holistic intercourse + relationship coach, and vaginal weight lifter, who’s right here to infuse extra ardour into your life and mattress. Hearken to her acclaimed Orgasmic Enlightenment podcast, see her intercourse training movies on YouTube and expertise her life-changing on-line packages at


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