How are you aware when you’re squat dominant or deadlift dominant?


It’s not a precise science—some our bodies are simply higher designed to squat than to deadlift and vice versa—but when your again squat is greater than 85 p.c of your deadlift, then many would say you’re squat dominant.



In different phrases, in case your deadlift is 300lbs and you may again squat 255lbs or extra, it’s time to work on build up your deadlift a bit.


A great place to start out is by including some extra hamstring work into your program.


Beneath are 5 workouts to include into your program.


1. Loaded Good Mornings

Whereas we regularly do good mornings in warm-up—normally with a band—most of us not often load up on this motion. Doing so might be helpful. I choose the sumo stance good morning, as I can actually get my glutes into these, as effectively. Concentrate on making an attempt to unfold the ground along with your toes as you stand as much as actually activate these glutes.


  • Carry out Three to five units of 12-15 reps at a reasonable weight.



2. Kang Squat

A Kang squat is basically a superb morning right into a again squat, after which one other good morning on the way in which up. You definitely received’t have the ability to go very heavy with these, however they’re an effective way to get you utilizing your hamstrings. The important thing right here is to maintain your hamstring pressure on the backside of the squat, so this may imply shorting your depth a bit bit to be able to preserve the hamstrings loaded the complete time.


  • Attempt Three to five units of 8-10 reps at a reasonable weight.




3. Single-Leg Kettlebell or Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts

RDLs, be it single-leg or double leg, are at all times an effective way to construct hamstring energy. I’m significantly keen on the only leg model as a result of there’s no place to cover. In case you have a weaker hamstring, the imbalance shall be uncovered.


  • Carry out Three to five units of 8-10 reps. How heavy are you able to go?



4. Ft Elevated Hamstring Plank

Place your toes on a bench, shoulders on the ground, and pull your hips off the bottom, and all of the whereas preserve your knees straight. This can put you in an elevated supine plank place, the place it’s best to really feel your hamstrings working additional time.


  • Attempt Three units of 30 seconds to 60 seconds to be executed as accent work on the finish of your program.



5. Banded Glute Bridges

In the event you don’t really feel you get lots out of the glute bridge, strive them below a band. You’ll by no means say a glute bridge is simple once more.


  • Log 100 banded glute bridges as accent work on the finish of your program.


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